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The Furnace: The Fire Angel's Web site

The Fire Angel's Artwork in several art galleries, some free 3D models to download, information and some ranting and raving. All images and other files on this site are, unless clearly labelled otherwise, copyright material and may not be reproduced in any form without the prior consent of the site owner. Material is provided for personal viewing and no rights are given up by displaying them on this web site. Files may be downloaded for your own personal viewing or other use, but unless otherwise stated you may not redistribute any file either in modified or unmodified form without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. These copyright declarations are definitive and supercede and overule any copyright messages you may read that were attached to the files elsewhere.

The art galleries contain many images made with Bryce, Poser, PhotoShop Elements and some pencil drawings. Enjoy!

Although there is no sexually explicit material on this web site any of the art galleries may contain images featuring artistic nudity. If this is offensive to you or illegal in the country you are viewing from then please do not enter the galleries. All material complies with UK law and this site is hosted in the UK. I do not make any effort to comply with either religious or non-UK legal requirements.

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